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do you ever see your face from a different angle and have a mental breakdown

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I leave town for ONE DAY

And come back to find Andy made spaghetti for dinner the night before and left the pan on the counter over night

And the cat had spent the night playing in and around the spaghetti sauce.

Orange paws!!

Orange feet prints everywhere!!



Hey you. [x]

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You will be schooled here..

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The Belchers.
Done on 7-8 inch embroidery hoops.  The trio is finished!  Louise and Tina have been sold (Though I can take custom orders for them)  Gene is currently available. ;)

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Ukiyo-e Heroes is a project that recreates classic video games in the form of classical style Japanese paintings.

One of these has been my laptop background for over a year and I’m just now finding out there’s more of them?!?

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